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 This page first created : mars 2006

     Wayne Ison's  AirBike is BACK on the road / air again!
A new company just started up an AirBike Factory in Germany!
     Ready built AirBikes or Kits are now avaliable, but twice the price!
     Lots of improvments are made and the finish looks great! 


The Fabulos EasyFlowing AirBike

     Welcome to SkyForce GbR  the makers of the famous NewAirbike microlight aircraft!
   Recently I found an contakt in New Zeeland offering AirBike plans,  the old ones of course.
    He´s asking for $300 and he have plans & manuals for each of the Tanden and OneSitern!
    The lot for $500 and he wrote that the OneSiter is soo nice to fly.   
    Well, whatever, an NewAirbike costs €19.500 for a built one  and €13.500 for a kit
    Plus engine, plus a bunch of other thing you need befor take of.


AirBike CockPit

     No serius accidents  where airbikes was involved reported either?
     Foldeble wings for easy transportation and storage
     Vcruise  115 Km       Germans migth use Km instead of Knt?
     Vmax     150 Km       I did took the Data from NewAirBikes homepage
     Vmin       48  km       90 meter start & landing. 10.3 meter span and 6.3 m length.
  The NewAirBike      

ayne Ison's Airbike becomes the NewAirBike
  This Aircraft or what to say about this old/new ultraflyer
  With HarleyDavidson feeling This is a real flying MotorBike!
  The engine and enginemounts is a bit more enginnered
  by the Germans like everything else on this flying wehicle!
ayne Ison's Airbike. 
Another fun affordable aircraft I'm happy to say I own. 
All of Wayne's designs (MiniMax, Himax, Airbike)  have magical appeal.. they fly like real airplanes are supposed to fly  Buildng your own airplane is  very rewarding and Wayne is responsible for bringing aviation to the common man.
  Check out theirs 5-STAR website     JLA Jordan Lake Aero  Indiana USA.  AirBike shop  
   TEAM AirBike Tandem  
       En sån här skull jag kunna tänka mig att tuffa runt med!


  Detta måste va en KICK
  En FlyBike?
Jag skall försöka skaffa ritningar till den här farkosten!
En sån här kan vem som helst bygga!   Ganska billigt också.
Hur är den att flyga?   Vi får se!

Lätt att transportera och förvara.

Är det nån som känner till den
får du gärn maila mig om vad du vet om den här flyg-Typen biken!

bilderna plockade från Internet
  Aircraft Manufacturer: Ison Aircraft
Min speed: 23 kt 26 mph 42 kmh
Cruise speed: 56 kt 65 mph 105 kmh
Vne: 78 kt 90 mph 145 kmh

Max. take off weight: 254 kg | 560 lbs
Empty weight: 136 kg | 300 lbs
Engine: Rotax 447

  Other information:  
   Text and photo from: http://www.ultralightflyer.com/airbike/ 
 The Airbike has been  in production since 1995. It mates a welded steel fuselage 
 to an all wood wing.Standard features include an open cockpit, removable wings,
 steerable tailwheel, 4 point safety harness, fuel tank, factory welded fuselage and
 tail. Options include various engines, folding wings brakes, trim, wheel pants,
 wing tips bucket seat, extra fuel, plus various quick build and assembly
 packages. For more information contact ISON Aircraft • 10790 Ivy Bluff Road •
 Bradyville, TN 37026 Phone (615) 765-5397 • Fax (615) 765-7234 e-mail:


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1/3 Scale Scratch Built AirBike






















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